Appliances, Lighting Fixtures Top Next-Gen Trends Being Implemented

August 3, 2017 by wsadmin

Multifamily pros cite energy-efficient appliances and LED as most used products.

Appliances and lights fixtures pinnacle the next-generation products being used the most in multifamily construction, according to a current survey of enterprise professionals.

Multifamily builders, developers, and architects weighed in on what next-gen merchandise they’re currently putting in or considering installing as phase of a survey performed by The Farnsworth Group, our information associate on the 2017 MFE Concept Community, examining usage and perceptions regarding next-gen building performance.

For appliances, 63 of the 159 total respondents stated they’re installing appliances with newer technologies. Of those, 36.5% suggested putting in energy-efficient appliances, while 26.3% stated they’re thinking about adding this amenity.

For lighting fixtures fixtures, fifty seven respondents pronounced the usage of lighting fixtures fixtures with newer technologies. Of those, 56.1% stated they’re putting in LED lights, which closing longer and use less electricity than conventional bulbs, and 79.2% are mulling LED improvements.

Look for extra tidbits and stats from the survey in the coming months prior to the annual Multifamily Executive Conference, which will be held Sept. 18–20 at the Bellagio in Las Vegas.

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